duminică, 11 septembrie 2011

Maine? 9 jumate? Incepem?

Here we go again. Closure.

Sudden passing of time. The creeps.
My time problem.

Rust or lust?
It's bittersweet.

Grass hopper.

My time machine has broken down.

Weird dream. In which I was stuck in the past and everyone else could return to their present. I'm scared of the passing of time and yet I'm curious:
what could possibly await?
A set of new challenges, new contacts, new places...new me.

Here I am and this is who I was fot the last 100 days.

Let's stop making promises. They are worthless. There is no such thing as forever.
I accept these changes and I won't remain here, grasping on a promise.

"She remembered the hellos, and she remembered the good-byes even more. End-of-summer tradition dictated that whoever was last to leave the island saluted departing friends by jumping into the water as the good-bye ferry pulled away."

(The last summer of you and I - Ann Brashares )

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