sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

Hipiotic mood

More changes and mood swings. Melancholy strike.
I recall those last summer days when everything was just fine.
Friendship matters (?).

Center of balance has fallen off.

Golden age.

A darker shade of blue.


Perfect environment for romantics.

Peaceful eyes. You may rest now.

Looking for the summer.


Renuntam la o buna parte din ce iubim.

Fly away to the place you belong.

I won't be reachable for days.

New serie coming up!

Lately I had a serie of extremely weird dreams and no matter the background or the scenery...  it was a journey. To places I've seen, with people I know.

Big interest in psychology. Sorting out feelings, looking beneath the layers.
Change affects us all. Our feelings, our behaviour, our mentality.
It's sad taking somebody into pieces... the whole is by far more fascinating. Both dark and bright.

"Ne paste riscul unui soc si al unei intalniri dureroase si bulversante cu propria nuditate psihica. Aceasta aventura ne confrunta cu ... haul din noi si monstrii nostri interiori."

O piesa draguta. :D

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